GEZE at BAU 2017: smart and safe ventilation in the KNX environment

Energy-efficient ventilation, a healthy indoor climate and monitoring of the window statuses are key demands in all kinds of large constructions, from public buildings and commercial offices to schools. Networked solutions from GEZE offer the optimal solution.

The new IQ box KNX interface module

A ‘climate active’ façade is created as the result of the intelligent interplay between window drives and sensors which record external environmental influences and the indoor climate. Automatic windows are an ideal solution for automatic natural night-time back cooling. Automatic windows can be monitored and operated intelligently via the IQ box KNX interface module, integrated into the KNX communication standard. The module has received the Silver PROTECTOR Award.

Direct communication

The ‘intelligent’ drives of the IQ windowdrive series can be integrated into KNX building systems as direct bus participants for controlled natural ventilation. Window statuses (e.g. open/closed) are then displayed on a central visualisation, and controlled and monitored from there. Thus automated, the windows allow direct communication with other components in the KNX building system, such as KNX push buttons and KNX sensors. This means that all the windows in a building can be closed centrally at the push of a button. If a KNX weather station or a KNX air quality sensor reports rainfall, wind, an excessive concentration of CO2, or a temperature difference, the window drives will receive the signal to close or open via the IQ box KNX.

Energy-efficient and safe

With precise activation of the window drives, the module delivers energy-saving potential and offers additional safety: Unlike simple switch contacts, it uses the ‘intelligence’ of the window drives and after performing a ‘command", reports the status of a window to the KNX building system or building management system. Additional window information is also provided by the IQ box KNX, e.g. the precise opening width, any faults, or the number of opening and closing cycles.