Locks and strike boxes

PL 50 RD * Glass Fitting corner patch lock with round bolt

GEZE Glass Fitting PL 50 RD Floor lock with round bolt
  • Elegant cover caps made of polished or brushed stainless steel
  • Problem-free adjustment to glass thicknesses of 10 – 12 mm
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Application Areas

  • For full-glass doors
  • For glass thicknesses 10 and 12 mm
  • For single-action and double-action doors
  • For internal and external systems
  • Suitable for single and double leaf swing doors

Technical data

PL 50 RD
Type of installation Glass installation
Length 163 mm
Width 32 mm
Height 51 mm
Min. Glass thickness 10 mm
Max. Glass thickness 12 mm

Variants & Accessories


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