Levolan 60 glass ceiling installation

Levolan 60 complete set Levolan sliding door fitting for leaf weights up to 60 kg

Levolan 60 Eine filigrane Lösung, manuelle Schiebetüren im Innenbereich mit funktioneller Leichtigkeit zu gestalten und mühelos zu bewegen
  • Design sliding door fitting for glass and timber leaves
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Application Areas

  • For leaf weights up to 60 kg
  • For glass elements toughened safety glass 8, 10 and 12 mm as well as laminated safety glass up to 10 mm (with additional LSG kit) and timber leaves up to a weight of 60 kg
  • For wall and ceiling installation
  • Suitable for interior use

Technical data

Levolan 60 complete set
Leaf material Glass, Plastic, Metal, Wood
Leaf weight (max.) 60 kg
Leaf weight (max.) with draw-in damper 60 kg
Number of leaves 1-leaf, 2-leaf
Leaf width (min.) 400 mm
Leaf width (max.) 1240 cm
Test cycles 100000
Corrosion protection class 3
Glass thickness 8 - 12 mm
Type of installation Wall, Ceiling
Side panel Yes

Variants & Accessories


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