M&T Product of the Year 2018: GEZE window protection sensors

In the M&T Metallhandwerk magazine's 'M&T Product of the Year' readers' choice, GEZE window safety system sensors gained the most votes in the 'Locking/security technology and door fittings' category.

Award-winning: GEZE window safety system sensors

Representatives of GEZE accepted the ‘M&T Product of the Year 2018’ award for the GEZE window safety system sensors

Gabi Bauer, Head of International Marketing, Holger Konzmann, Director GEZE Solutions & Export Business, and Sebastian Krannich, Business Solutions Manager, accepted the award on behalf of GEZE from representatives of M&T Metallhandwerk. Photo: M&T © M&T

"We are delighted that GEZE window safety system sensors can now bear the 'M&T Product of the Year 2018' label. Even more so given that the accolade is decided by metalworking installation companies, and so by the users themselves."

Marketing Manager Gabi Bauer

Automated windows with increased safety

GEZE window safety system sensors ensure increased safety for automated windows in the KNX building bus. Individual or connected drives can be attached to virtually any type of window. The TOF/spot sensor's compact and discreet design secures inward opening windows thanks to spots that can be integrated. Metalworkers benefit from a certified total system comprising sensors, a control unit and drive. GEZE window safety system sensors also impress with their easy installation and commissioning without software, configuration or pre-assembly.

Label Magazine M&T Metallhandwerk

Metal trade companies vote for GEZE window safety system sensors. Photo: M&T

Between 1 December 2017 and 31 January 2018, 17 innovative products in five categories were open to cross-media reader votes to choose the M&T Product of the Year. By the time voting closed, more than 1,500 readers had chosen the winning products in the five categories. These products will be featured in future issues of M&T Metallhandwerk, and online.