Obligation for self-closing house entrance doors

The Building Decree 2012 has been amended on 1 July 2020. One of the modifications means that all fire-resistant home entrance doors in an internal partition construction must be self-closing. Previously, this only applied to house access doors in porch situations, but the regulation now also applies to house access doors that border, for example, on a corridor. 

An open house entrance door ensures that smoke development in the event of a fire can spread quickly in the common area and escape route. Therefore it is important that the home entrance door closes in the event of fire and smoke development.

Advice for freeswing door closer

Free-swing door closer with integrated smoke switch and smoke detector

Free-swing door closer, available in several installation variants. © Annika Feuss / GEZE GmbH

When a standard door closer is used on a home entrance door, people could experience practical and physical discomfort on a daily basis. In practice, this leads to the fact that the door closer will be set in a disabled function and this creates the risk that the self-closing function is no longer guaranteed in the event of fire. For this reason, GEZE recommends using a smoke detector controlled freeswing door closer in the case of a home entrance door. This door closer is not an obstacle when used in normal circumstances and is only activated in the event of fire. The smoke detector controlled GEZE freeswing door closer is available in several installation variants, from surface-mounted to built-in and with integrated smoke detector or as a freestanding door closer with separate smoke detector.

Control with fail-safe function

GEZE has a wide range of smoke detectors available for controlling the freeswing door closer, including the integrated smoke detector, the standard 230V wired smoke detector and the wireless smoke detector. All versions are equipped with a fail-safe function according to NEN2535. The maintenance of the smoke detector controlled freeswing door closer is part of the duty of care in Article 2.6 and must be inspected annually. GEZE has various options for this service.

Download the brochure "Fire Safety & Accessibility" for more information (NL version) (PDF | 7.78 MB)

A door closer is often not the right solution. A free-swing door closer controlled by a smoke detector or smoke detector is.

Richard Stevens, GEZE Project consultant