MBZ 300

MBZ 300 N8 * Smoke and heat extraction control panel for smoke and heat extraction drives with a total power consumption of 8 A

RWA-Zentrale MBZ 300 N8 Die modulare Buszentrale MBZ 300 überzeugt in der Variante N8 durch ihr besonders kompaktes Gehäuse. Damit ist sie die richtige Wahl für kleine und mittelgroße Gebäude sowie Treppenhäuser. Sie ist individuell konfigurierbar und kann dank ihres modularen Aufbaus erweitert werden.
  • Modular design to allow flexible adaptation to project-specific requirements
  • Convenient extension by clicking on another module in a control unit
  • Simple service and installation thanks to status display directly on the module
  • Configuration software simplifies commissioning and configuration
  • Available with pre-wired rail-mount terminal blocks for quick installation
  • Safety and reliability confirmed by VdS certification
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Application Areas

  • Connection options for small smoke and heat extraction solutions
  • For smoke and heat extraction system drives with a total power consumption of 8 A
  • Control of electromotive 24 V drives for smoke and heat extraction in the event of a fire
  • Control of a controlled natural ventilation

Technical data

MBZ 300 N8
Dimensions 300 x 400 x 200 mm
Width 300 mm
Height 400 mm
Depth 200 mm
Material Sheeting
Colour grey RAL 7035
IP rating IP30
Service temperature -5 - 40 °C
Operating voltage 230 V AC
Power consumption (max.) 240 W
Connection cross-section / mains 2.5 mm²
Output voltage 24 V DC +/-15%
Residual ripple 2 %
Output current (max.) 8 A
Duty rating with maximum output current 30 %
Motor cable wire size 4 mm²
Battery capacity 7 Ah
Alarm groups 1
Vent groups 1 Stk.
Networking of several control units connection with optional CAN Bus modules
Signal outputs available 1 status contact per CM/SM, 6 signal contacts per ERM for which parameters can be set
Parameter setting of control units via USB interface an PC software
Standard conformity EN 12101-10, ISO 21927-9
Approvals VdS

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